Three years and six months later bring us to one of many rechecks we have had over these past few years. We have had our share of "close calls", moments where we've held our breath, and some ER visits because cranio or not, Cullan is 110% boy! I am grateful to say that God has been faithful, as He will continue to be. Cullan is not, like one physician advised us, suffering from mental disabilities aside from the craniosynostosis.
He is an intelligent and fun-loving four year old doing great in pre-school. He loves his friends and family with much gusto! And play is his full-time it should be.

Monday, we will see how he has progressed over the last 16 months. From feeling his head, he is not completely fused as we were hoping him to be by this point. We will see what the recommendations are at this point knowing God has a plan for each of us in this, Cullan's Journey through metopic craniosynostosis.

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