The Pictures

The pictures posted are not meant in any way to be shocking or offensive to anyone. We only post them to show God's amazing healing power as well as to be a resource for those families who are experiencing what we have with craniosynostosis.

 The night before surgery
 The Morning of surgery
 Nurses carried him back to the OR asleep...
 After surgery the first time we saw him

 The first night
 Day 2

 Day 3
 Swelling at its peak
 Day 4
 Day 5
 Day 6
 Cullan smiles!
Day 7  Hold me!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures! My son is having his surgery on March 28th and I've wondered what to "really" expect. He's older than your son - he'll be 11.5 months old, but it's nice to see a glimpse of what might happen!


Radiant Red said...

My daughter is having this surgery in July and I am sooo scared. She has 7 weeks early and was in the NICU for 6 weeks. She is only going to be 6 months old when she has it. Thank you for your blog, it helped me understand what it's going to be like. Glad your little guy is doing well