From the Beginning

This will be a blog dedicated to Cullan's journey through craniosynostosis...

To begin Cullan's story, a little background is in order...
It was early spring of 2005 and we were eagerly expecting our second child. All was progressing normally and we were thrilled about our new addition. Early in the second trimester on a hot Saturday morning in August, our prescious "angel baby" (as we affectionately refer to her now) went home to be with Jesus. We were devastated.
But, God is ever amazing and on-time. He sent us another child in October. This baby would be our sweet "Cullan Glenn."

From the beginning, God's hand on Cullan's life (as well as our entire family) has been evident to us. God allowed Cullan to be a healing balm and a ray of hope as we deeply grieved the loss of our "angel baby." Six months into our pregnancy with Cullan, a large truck hit and totaled our car. (On a side note: We just happened to be a one-car family...more on that later) Ethan (who was almost 3 at the time) was shook up and wanted to know why Mommy was bleeding. "Mommy" broke her nose, yet again...
Steven had only minor scrapes and burns. However, the impact of the airbag and stress of the situation sent me into pre-term labor. On our way to the hospital, Steven called our friends and church to begin prayer chains. Around five that evening, contractions stopped and the ultrasound showed Cullan no worse for all the "excitement." Our baby was safe, and we felt surrounded by God's watchful, protective embrace. God used His people to comfort us and meet our physical needs to show us we are never alone, no matter how desperate the situation may seem.

July 26, 2006
Cullan made his uneventful (yeah!) entrance into this world at 4:45 a.m. He was a healthy, thriving baby boy.

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