Days 5 & 6

"When you see his little eyes, then you can leave ICU." That is what our doctors had us watching for on Day 5, and at the very end of the night, we felt for sure his eyes would be open by the next morning. He was responding to us and being more playful. The next day, his eyes opened just little slits and a huge smile was on his face. We laughed and cried, and ran to get his nurse to let her know we could move! Yeah! Late that evening, we moved down to our new room. We could both stay with him in that room. He had videos he could watch, goodies to eat, and not much longer before we could go home. We sat and played and rocked and felt good to know that God was healing our Cullan, that He had not left us for a moment and that He would see us through this until completion.

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