Monday's results of the ct showed more openings that have not fused on the left side of Cullan's skull as well as the one we were aware of on the top. Thankfully the right side fused very nicely. Surgery is set for December 13th to close over the parts that have not fused. For those of you wanting details on how this procedure is done, we will try to explain to the best of our ability.

Details of Procedure:
Cullan's surgeon goes in through the original incision he had at the previous surgery. Once his surgeon sees the size of the holes, he decides whether to harvest bone from the hip or rib. Bone harvested from the hip usually has less chance of dissolving. The objective is for this bone to fuse with Cullan's existing bone and grow with him as he grows. This bone is held in place by some titanium substances--something that does not have to be removed. Cullan will be given blood during this procedure just like the first--which is common for head surgeries. The neuro-surgeon Cullan had the first time will be on standby for anything that might come up that would involve his expertise. After surgery, we will be in the hospital approximately a week with most of that stay being in the CCU. His doctor has said that Cullan will probably experience some swelling again this time to the point that his eyes most likely swell shut, especially since work has to be done on the side of the skull. Many of you have asked how often this procedure is necessary in cases like Cullan's--2%. Two percent of children having surgery to correct craniosynostosis end up not fusing and having to have additional surgery. Thankfully we serve a God who is still very much God even in the two percent times.

Surgery Day Details

Unless something changes, Monday December 12th Cullan will go in early for pre-op testing. That includes bloodwork and a general check up of all his systems to make sure he is healthy and ready to go for surgery.

Surgery day begins early with his case being the first of the day! Yeah! That is a blessing. His procedure typically can take anywhere from three hours on depending on how everything goes.

We appreciate all the prayer warriors and we will try to begin posting specific prayer requests between now and surgery day for you to have to follow.
Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. Take heart. Be encouraged. Trust God and pray, pray, pray.

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