Day 3

Along about day 3, Cullan came down with a horrific gas bubble I guess would be the best way to describe it. He screamed and cried. That day proved to be long and hard, both for him to experience and for us as we watched. Mylicon finally worked its wonders and relief set in. Cullan's nurse was amazing to us, she situated him where he could nurse several times a day just by lifting him, cords, lines and all out of bed. We pulled the rocking chair as close to his bed as it would go, and managed just fine. That seemed the most comforting thing we could do for him besides rest our hand on his belly or stroke his arms and legs for that comforting touch. He was so swollen of course he couldn't see us. For a baby, that had to be a frustrating experience to feel pain and hear familiar voices, but not be able to see or communicate.

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