Day 2 of Operation Recovery

Day 2, much better than day 1. Day 2 finds us with a groggy little baby still very heavily medicated to avoid pain. He is still receiving iv fluids, and the drain will come out later on. No more respirator! In my opinion, that is a huge step in the right direction. There is something so intimidating about those things. Scary with a capital "S". Swelling is still not at its peak. The head wrappings remain for the morning but do come off later that day. As a note to parents...most major changes happen during shift change in that two hour period parents are asked to be out of the room. I did not really like this arrangement to begin with. As a parent, you don't want to leave your child's side even for a moment, but it was hospital policy and it did force us to get out, get some air, shower and eat. All good ideas since pulling vigils like these are exhausting in more ways than you can even realize at the time you are experiencing them. If this is a burden you plan on carrying alone, I don't recommend it. God's Word says in Matthew 11:30 "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." If we had not given this burden to God and carried it His way, "God style" it would have crushed us and been impossible. He is there waiting to carry us through if we'll let Him, and not waste valuable time trying to blame Him or being angry with Him for "allowing" it to happen in the first place...Something to think about.

During the day 2 shift change, the drain was removed and Cullan's head dressing were removed to reveal the incision and of course "THE SCAR." The horror stories we had heard and read about preceding this surgery concerning the scar were numerous and looming over our heads. We discussed the incision Cullan would be having with his neuro-surgeon. The neuro-surgeon actually performs the initial incision. There were several options, the one discussed was just straight across from ear to ear, and because it held the least amount of risk for blood loss, was the one chosen. However, for whatever reason Cullan ended up with the wavy incision done. We had asked about that in pre-op meetings since it seemed to result in less complications down the road, but had dismissed it because we certainly did not want to risk blood loss for the sake of vanity. Obviously his doctors agreed on choosing this route for Cullan after all was said and done-- we just hadn't expected it. So we are unwrapped and unhooked to the point that is allowed for now, all that's left is healing, healing, healing.

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